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Press Releases



• Barrett-Jackson continues to serve as catalyst for all segments of the collector car hobby

• 2014 Barrett-Jackson Cup becomes Hot August Night staple; Good Guys, AMBR and Ridler award winners among “Reno Five” finalists; 1957 Chevrolet Pickup named grand prize winner

• More than $11M in sales at a 99% sell through rate with more bidders and consignors during the 2nd Annual Hot August Nights three-day auction at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center
RENO, Nev. – Aug 4, 2014 – In only its second year as part of Hot August Nights, the Barrett-Jackson Auction Company has become an integral part of America’s largest celebration of the custom and hot rod community. With its spectacular Barrett-Jackson Cup competition, live auction and other events, Barrett-Jackson has elevated the attention of the car collecting community to new heights.

Over just three days, Barrett-Jackson delivered its trademark excitement during its 2nd Annual Hot August Nights Auction at Reno-Sparks Convention Center in Reno, Nevada, by selling 342 vehicles and more than 300 collectible automobilia pieces for more than $11M in sales (unaudited) at an incredible 99 percent sell through rate. In addition, the Barrett-Jackson Cup competition returned to Reno. It has become one of the most anticipated collector car competitions boasting the hobby’s largest prizes of over $110,000 in cash and prizes.

“The success of our Hot August event demonstrates that Barrett-Jackson continues to be the catalyst for growth in all sectors of the collector car hobby,” said Craig Jackson, chairman and CEO of Barrett-Jackson. “Car collecting is a lifestyle, which was evident by the excitement across Reno for the Barrett-Jackson Cup competition. Never before has one collector car event hosted so many of the nation’s award winning hot rods and customs under one roof. With the largest prizes in history, the Barrett-Jackson Cup has become the most coveted award among custom and hot rod owners.”

Barrett-Jackson’s historic partnership with the world’s premiere classic car and nostalgia festival, Hot August Nights, began in 2013. The Barrett-Jackson Cup was one of the most popular elements of that first year. The 2013 winner was a custom 1969 Ford Torino built by Troy and Jack Trepanier of Rad Rides by Troy. It was a highlight moment when Jack Trepanier, a keystone in the collector car community, accepted the award. Sadly, Jack passed away in March of this year. Barrett-Jackson dedicated the 2014 Barrett-Jackson Cup in his honor.

Judges Bobby Alloway, Pete Chapouris and Bob Millard chose 25 cars from the downtown Reno “Show and Shine” car shows. The vehicles were displayed in downtown Reno before five top finalists advanced to a ceremony at the Barrett-Jackson Auction arena.

“The quality of workmanship of the cars in this year’s Barrett-Jackson Cup competition was unbelievable,” said Pete Chapouris, Barrett-Jackson Cup judge and president of SO-CAL Speed Shop. “Selecting the final five cars was immensely difficult. The competition was fierce and I expect it will only become more competitive as the Cup grows in popularity. We’re already hearing about people building cars specifically for this competition. I believe the Barrett-Jackson Cup is on track to be the ‘Pebble Beach’ of the American collector car community.”

This year, entries included many national trophy winners with the “Reno Five” finalists being among the collector car industry’s most coveted customs and hot rods. The grand prize winner was awarded the Barrett-Jackson Cup in front of an unprecedented TV audience of more than 100,000,000 homes during live auction coverage.

The Barrett-Jackson Cup “Reno Five” finalists included:
• Grand Prize Winner: The 1957 Chevrolet Pickup was built by Jason Smith at Hot Rod Garage and features a 3-inch top chop, 540 c.i.d. big block with Crower “Stack” EFI and one-off billet wheels and trim. Completed by CAR Upholstery, the interior features subtle 1961 Impala styling cues. Each body panel was modified, smoothed and finished in Sherwin Williams paint. It was a 2013 “Great 8 Truck” at the Detroit Autorama.

• First Runner-up: Built by Hot Rods by JSK, the 1932 Ford Four Door is featured on Street Rodder magazine’s August 2014 cover. It boasts an early 1950s race car theme with Sprint Car steering, modified vintage drum brakes and a bored and stroked Ford Thunderbird Y block V8. A vintage Hilborn intake was converted to EFI and a 5-speed manual transmission feeds into a quick-change rear axle. The body and frame are handmade including suicide doors with eliminated b-pillars. The interior is hand stitched “baseball glove” leather by Paul Atkins. It is the winner of the 2014 Street Rod of the Year and 2014 “Great 8 Car” in Detroit.

• Second Runner-up: The ‘34 Chevrolet Phaeton was designed by Chip Foose and built by the winner of the inaugural Barrett-Jackson Cup, Rad Rides by Troy. It features a modified Roadster Shop Chassis with “Heidt’s” independent suspension all around. Under the hood, the GM Performance 383 Ram Jet engine with EFI was modified to look like a vintage 1957 Rochester unit. It is shod with CNC machined wheels by Curtis Speed and includes stitched art-deco red leather upholstery by Rad-Rides.

• Third Runner-up: A 1964 Buick Riveria by J.F. Launier was hand-built starting with little more than a $300 “parts car” rusted hulk body. The rear window and deck are grafted from a later “boat tail” Riviera. Under the hood are two rear-mounted turbochargers that feed a 6.2 liter Chevrolet V8 by way of a massive intake tube that runs through the cockpit. A custom-built perimeter chassis gives the car its low, wide stance. It rides on billet wheels and inside its hand-made interior has been converted to a two-seat sports car layout. The theme draws attention to the rear mounted turbos. It was the 2014 Ridler Award Winner at the Detroit Autorama.

• Fourth Runner-up: Built by Miranda Built, the 1967 Nova features a twin turbo NASCAR small block Chevrolet engine, with RideTech pro-touring suspension controlled by an iPad. It rides on Budnik Gasser D wheels. Its paint job, including the unique orange “metalized” finish, was performed by Charley Hutton. It is a 2014 Goodguys Street Machine of the Year winner and 2014 Detroit Autorama “Great 8” finalist.

“In only its second year, the Barrett-Jackson Cup competition has become an important part of the collector car culture,” said Steve Davis, president of Barrett-Jackson. “But we also had an extraordinary selection of customs and street rods lined up for our auction. In addition to the eclectic mix of collector cars, we put a special emphasis on hot rods and customs that crossed our block. We’re excited to be able to shine the spotlight on this uniquely American segment of the collector car hobby through our auction and national television coverage.”

Barrett-Jackson continued to cultivate the hobby by attracting an impressive number of bidders to the Hot August Night Reno auction. Barrett-Jackson’s healthy offering of entry-level to mid-range vehicles was one of the keys to the auction’s success.

“The collector car hobby is thriving and Barrett-Jackson is the catalyst,” said Jackson. “While we continue to offer top-tier cars for seasoned, high profile collectors, who were involved in some spirited bidding, our diverse docket attracts enthusiasts of all ages and levels. An overwhelming percentage of vehicles were sold at No Reserve, which means that honest market values were set this weekend in Reno at Barrett-Jackson.”

The top 10 cars sold in Reno include (hammer price):
• 2014 Ford Transit Connect TTN Wagon Van – $100,000 (Lot #3000)
• 1933 Ford Custom 2-door Coupe – $100,000 (Lot #728)
• 1932 Ford Custom Roadster – $100,000 (Lot #753)
• 1967 Ford Mustang Custom Fastback – $89,000 (Lot #767)
• 1961 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible – $80,000 (Lot #761)
• 1931 Ford Custom Vicky – $80,000 (Lot #421)
• 1952 Cadillac Custom Topless Roadster – $80,000 (Lot #7001)
• 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible – $76,000 (Lot #730)
• 1971 Chevrolet C-10 Custom Pickup – $75,000 (Lot #699)
• 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible (Lot #765)

Barrett-Jackson has a long tradition of raising money for charity. In Reno, Ford Motor Company and the Darrell Gwynn Foundation auctioned a 2014 Ford Transit Connect Titanium that will be modified by MobilityWorks for customers who are restricted to a wheelchair. The sale raised $100,000, which will be used by the Darrell Gwynn Foundation to put more children with disabilities into wheelchairs.

About The Barrett-Jackson Auction Company
Established in 1971 and headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., Barrett-Jackson specializes in providing products and services to classic and collector car owners, astute collectors and automotive enthusiasts around the world. The company produces “The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auctions™” in Scottsdale, Ariz., Palm Beach, Fla., Las Vegas, Nev. and Reno Tahoe, Nev. Barrett-Jackson also endorses a one-of-a-kind collector car insurance offering for collector vehicles and other valued belongings. For more information about Barrett-Jackson, visit http://www.barrett-jackson.com or call (480) 421-6694.

For high resolution photos please contact Aaron Cook at ACook@TPRM.com

About Hot August Nights
Hot August Nights, a non-profit organization, is the premiere classic car event in the world, annually drawing hundreds of thousands of spectators and participants to northern Nevada to revel in nostalgia, enjoy top entertainers from the ‘50s and ‘60s and participate in a variety of events including show-n-shines, controlled cruises and more.


2014 Barrett-Jackson Cup: Ultimate Best-In-Show Results

2014 Barrett-Jackson Cup Winner

2013 Great 8 Truck at Detroit Autorama, Hot Rod Garage, Jason Smith

Ultimate Best in Show Winner
Owner: Alan Beers
Builder: Hot Rod Garage – Jason Smith
Car Description: 1957 Chevrolet Pickup

  • 2014 Good Guys Truck of the Year
  • 2013 Great 8 Truck at Detroit Autorama
  • 3” top chop, 540 big block with Crower “Stack” fuel injection, Baer brakes, one-off billet wheels and trim by Greening Auto Company, Interior by CAR Upholstery, Inc. with Classic Instruments gauges.
  • Every body panel has been modified and smoothed.

Ultimate Best in Show Winner Package: $30,000 CASH and individualized Barrett-Jackson Cup Trophy plus General Motors Crate Engine and Transmission ($15,000 Value), Waterloo Tool Chest and Craftsman Tools ($6,000 Value), Reliable Transportation Credit for 1 year ($5000 Value), Adam’s Polish Product ($1,000 Value) and a Hot August Nights Barrett-Jackson Cup Jacket ($250 Value).

barrett-jackson cup

1st Runner Up:
Owner: Don Smith
Builder: Jeff Kinsey – Hot Rods by JSK
Car Description: 1932 Ford 4 Door

  •  2014 Street Rod of the Year.
  •  2014 Great 8 Car in Detroit.
  •  This month’s Street Rodder cover car.
  •  Early 50s race car theme.
  •  Bored and Stroked Thunderbird Y block V8 with a vintage Hilborn intake converted to EFI, a 5 speed manual transmission feeding into a quick-change rear axle. The body and frame are handmade including suicide doors with eliminated b-pillars.
  •  Hand stitched “baseball glove” leather interior by Paul Atkins.
  •  Sprint Car Steering and modified vintage drum brakes.

1st Runner Up Prize Package: $18,000 CASH plus Miller Motorsports Package ($5,000 Value), Craftsman Tools ($3,000 Value), Adam’s Polish Product ($1,000 Value) and a Hot August Nights Barrett-Jackson Cup Jacket ($250 Value).

Barrett-Jackson Cup

2nd Runner Up: 1935 Chevrolet Phaeton
Owner: Wes Rydell
Builder: Rad Rides by Troy
Car Description: 1935 Chevrolet Phaeton

  • 2014 “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster” at the Grand National Roadster Show.
  • Designed by Chip Foose and built by the winner of the inaugural Barrett-Jackson Cup, Rad Rides by Troy.
  • Modified Roadster Shop chassis with “Heidt’s” independent suspension all around.
  • A GM Performance 383 Ram Jet engine with EFI modified to look like an old 1957 Rochester unit.
  • Understated CNC machined wheels were made by Curtis Speed
  • Rad-rides stitched the art-deco red leather upholstery and canvas top in-house.

2nd Runner Up Prize Package:$10,000 CASH plus Bed Wood and Parts bed liner ($3,000 Value), Adam’s Polish Product ($1,000 Value) and a Hot August Nights Barrett-Jackson Cup Jacket ($250 Value).

2014 Barrett-Jackson Cup, 1964 Buick Riviera

3rd Runner Up:
Owner and Builder: J.F.Launier
Car Description: 1964 Buick Riviera

  •  2014 Ridler Award Winner at the Detroit Autorama.
  •  Hand built body starting with little more than a $300 “parts car” rusted hulk.
  •  Rear window and deck area grafted from a later “boat tail” Riviera.
  •  Two rear-mounted turbochargers feed a 6.2 liter Chevrolet LS V8 by way of a massive intake tube that runs through the cockpit.
  •  Giving the car its low, wide stance, a custom built perimeter chassis rides on Curtis Speed billet wheels
  •  Inside the completely hand made interior has been converted to a two seat sports car layout. The theme draws attention to the rear mounted turbos.

3rd Runner Up Prize Package: $7,000 CASH plus Adam’s Polish Product ($1,000 Value) and a Hot August Nights Barrett-Jackson Cup Jacket ($250 Value).

1967 Chevrolet Nova Barrett-Jackson Cup

4th Runner Up:
Owner:  Steve Turnari
Builder: Jeremy Miranda, Miranda Built
Car Description: 1967 Nova

  •  2014 Goodguys Street Machine of the Year Winner.
  •  2014 Detroit Autorama “Great 8”.
  •  Twin Turbo “NASCAR SB2” small block Chevrolet engine.
  •  RideTech pro-touring suspension controlled by an iPad.
  •  Budnik Gasser D wheels
  •  Paint by Charley Hutton including the unique orange finish on the wheels and engine trim.

4th Runner Up Prize Package: $5,000 CASH, plus Adam’s Polish Product ($1,000 Value) and a Hot August Nights Barrett-Jackson Cup Jacket ($250 Value).

One-of-a-Kind 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat VIN001 to be Auctioned at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas in September for Charity



  • Dodge to auction first production 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, the fastest and most powerful muscle car ever, during Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas with all proceeds benefiting Opportunity Village
  • Iconic one-of-one Challenger SRT Hellcat features Viper-exclusive Stryker Red paint, special Hellcat badging, specific VIN0001 documentation build package and additional one-of-a-kind memorabilia
  • Barrett-Jackson waves all bidding and consignment fees; 100 percent of sale price goes to charity
  • Prototype 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat on display July 31-Aug.2 at Barrett-Jackson’s 2nd Annual Hot August Nights Auction in Reno, Nev

July 25, 2014 , Auburn Hills, Mich. - Dodge announced today that it will auction the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat VIN0001, the most powerful and fastest muscle car ever built, during the Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2014auction, which will be held Sept. 25 – 27 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  Proceeds from the auction on Sept. 27, will benefit the not-for-profit Opportunity Village organization of Las Vegas.

The one-of-one special edition 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, with a 6.2-liter supercharged HEMI® V-8 engine and 0001 vehicle identification number (VIN), has an NHRA-certified quarter-mile time of 10.8 seconds at 126 mph, 707 horsepower and 650 lb.-ft. of torque on tap right from the assembly line. Adding to the exclusivity, the donated muscle car will be the only Dodge Challenger to ever have a Viper-exclusive Stryker Red exterior – hand-painted at the Dodge Viper paint facility – and it will include special Hellcat badging, specific VIN documentation and one-of-a-kind memorabilia.

“The 2015 Challenger Hellcat is already guaranteed to be one of the hottest cars that will roll through the Barrett-Jackson auction lanes in decades to come,” said Tim Kuniskis, President and CEO, Dodge and SRT Brands, Chrysler Group LLC. “The VIN 0001 being auctioned this year is the ultimate one-of-one collectible 2015 Dodge Challenger, as Dodge is ensuring there will never be another one like it.”

The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat VIN0001 has a class-exclusive TorqueFlite 8-speed paddle shift automatic transmission with RPM matching downshifts, 15.4-inch Brembo front disc brakes with two-piece rotors and six-piston calipers, the largest brakes ever offered by Chrysler Group, and 20-by-9.5-inch wheels of lightweight matte black forged aluminum.  It will have newly designed interior trimmed in premium Black Laguna leather on performance-oriented seats, a modern dash layout providing all of the technology features one would expect and an authentic forged-aluminum supercharger plenum cover under the hood.

The auction package includes a HEMI painted presentation box with a VIN0001 electronic vehicle build book and video documentary, still shots, vehicle footage, an authentic Challenger SRT Hellcat embossed Laguna Leather iPad sleeve, a signed SRT Hellcat lithograph and unique “birth certificate” for VIN0001.  Additional information on the vehicle is available on the news feed page of www.driveSRT.com.

Barrett-Jackson is waiving all bidding and consignment fees, so 100 percent of the sale price will be donated to Opportunity Village, a not-for-profit organization that serves people with significant intellectual disabilities in the Las Vegas area. A prototype 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat will be on display at the Dodge booth located in Hall 3 during the 2nd Annual Hot August Nights Auction presented by Barrett-Jackson from July 31 to Aug. 2 at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center.

“With 707 horsepower, the 2015 Dodge Hellcat is more than just the most powerful muscle car built by an American manufacturer,” said Craig Jackson,Chairman and CEO of Barrett-Jackson Auction Company. “It’s also going to be the means to help countless people with severe intellectual and related disabilities reach their potential.  We’re honored that Dodge chose our 2014 Las Vegas auction to sell Hellcat VIN001 to support Opportunity Village. Not only will the wonderful people at this organization benefit from the sale of this muscle car, but the winning bidder will own a truly amazing piece of American automotive history.”

“We are so unbelievably thankful for the support of Dodge and Barrett-Jackson,” Linda Smith, Associate Executive Director, Opportunity Village, stated. “We are touched by their amazing generosity and support of our mission here to support individuals with disabilities by giving them the chance to lead independent and fulfilling lives.”

About the Barrett-Jackson Auction Company
Barrett-Jackson, The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auctions, was founded in Scottsdale, Ariz., in 1971. Its internationally renowned auctions are hosted in Scottsdale; Palm Beach, Fla.; Reno/Tahoe, Nev., and Las Vegas. The events feature hundreds of the world’s most sought-after, unique and valuable vehicles where they cross the block in front of a global audience. For more information about Barrett-Jackson, and complete event information visit www.barrett-jackson.com or call (480) 421-6694. Barrett-Jackson can be found on Facebook or followed on Twitter @Barrett_Jackson.

About Opportunity Village
Opportunity Village (www.opportunityvillage.org)  is a not-for-profit organization that serves people within our community with significant intellectual disabilities, to improve their lives and the lives of their families.

Opportunity Village was founded in 1954 by seven families who were determined to give their children with disabilities the best lives possible. Now, 60 years later, Opportunity Village is one of the most recognized and respected organizations of its type in the United States.
Nevada’s largest employer of people with disabilities, Opportunity Village serves nearly 3,000 individuals annually, providing vocational training, employment, habilitation and social recreation programs and services that make their lives more purposeful and interesting.

About Dodge
The Dodge brand is tearing into its centennial year as America’s mainstream performance brand, celebrating its 100th anniversary on July 1, 2014. With the purification of the brand and consolidation with SRT, Dodge is getting back to its performance roots with every single model it offers. The consolidated Dodge and SRT brands will offer a complete lineup of performance vehicles that stand out within their own segments. Dodge will be the “mainstream performance” brand within the Chrysler showroom. SRT will be positioned as the “ultimate performance” halo of the Dodge brand, together creating a complete and balanced performance brand with one vision and one voice.

From muscle cars to compact cars, minivans, crossovers and full-size SUVs, the Dodge brand’s full lineup of 2015 models deliver best-in-class horsepower, class-exclusive technology, unmatched capability and a slew of cool features, such as LED headlamps, Dodge signature racetrack tail lamps, dual exhaust, 8.4-inch touchscreen infotainment centers and 7-inch thin-film transistor (TFT) customizable gauge clusters, to name a few. For the 2015 model year, customers will be able to drive the new 2015 Dodge Charger and Challenger, as well as the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. The Dodge brand lineup also includes the 2015 Dodge Dart, Durango, Grand Caravan and Journey, including the new Crossroad model, and Dodge Viper SRT.


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Steve Mag’s Top Five Cars To Watch in Reno 2014


1) Lot #726 1969 Dodge Super Bee 2 Door Hardtop

When it comes to my tastes in muscle cars, I’m strictly a less-is-more guy. You can have your air conditioning, power windows, sliding moon roof, hood hinges and hub caps. I like ‘em stripped for action with minimal dead weight. That’s why this ’69-1/2 440 Six Pack Super Bee rings my bell. I love that Chrysler equipped every single one of ‘em with an indestructible Dana 60 rear axle (even the torque-cushioned automatic transmission cars). And knowing that many drag racers immediately replace factory styled wheels with aftermarket mags, they all rolled on basic 15×6 steelies. And that hood. Open all the time, the legendary Six Pack hood scoop is simply brutal. Just don’t forget to install the quartet of chrome hood pins or it’ll take flight at the top of First. One of 826 Six Pack Super Bee hardtops made, this example has the doomsday Hemi 4-speed stick with its ultra-duty 18-tooth input shaft. Dual-duty (street and strip) muscle cars simply do not get any meaner than this.


2)Lot #691 1961 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

Every top ten list must include a Corvette. For me, this ’61 dual quad roadster in Jewel Blue is very appealing. Next to Sateen Silver (747 made) it is the rarest color of ’61 with 855 sprayed this hue. I’m also attracted to this one because of its 4-speed manual transmission and final-year dual quad 283 under the hood. This one is the mild hydraulic cam unit with 245-hp. Since 1956, if you wanted instant street credibility, you ordered the dual-quad engine. But when Chevrolet increased the standard Corvette engine to 327 cubes for ’62, the extra 44 inches bumped the base single 4-barrel engine to 250-hp. A second carburetor simply wasn’t needed anymore. And from GM’s point of view, eliminating the second carburetor cut production cost and brought an end to warranty headaches due to maladjustment. So as a final-year tribute to Corvette’s iconic dual-quad option, I’d add this one to my garage with a big smile.


3) Lot #702 1970 Pontiac GTO Convertible

Though originally born with a Turbo 400 automatic transmission, this sweet ’70 GTO drop top now has the so-much-more-fun 4-speed stick. Otherwise a numbers matching car with full PHS documentation, is there any muscle car alive that better captures the essence of a Friday night on Woodward Avenue than a black, ragtop 4-speed Goat? Only 3,784 of the 40,149 GTO’s made in 1970 were convertibles. You’d be in rare company, sharing the open air fun with a few of your best pals and a Doors 8-track playing, the action wouldn’t stop until nearly sunrise. Watching intently through the tinted windshield, the dim orange glow of the hood mounted tach triggering full throttle power shifts at 5500 rpm. The wail of the Ram Air 400 packing its cylinders with deep breaths of dense nighttime atmosphere…sign me up.

4) Lot #695 1955 Chevrolet Nomad Gasser

It’s no secret that I love straight axle gassers and nostalgia drag racing in general. So when I saw this incredibly rare ’55 Nomad – one of 8,386 built – done over with Sixties gasser elements, I freaked out! Sure, the Nomad is an iconic American design, an example of a GM Motorama dream car come to life. But over the years, have you noticed that pristine 100 point restorations generally bring about the same dollar amount as well done resto-mods and customs? But the modified cars are more enjoyable to drive. On this gasser, I’m digging the retro-look mags and wide white tires, Sixties graphics with green-tinted windows and headlamp lenses and nifty “4-Speed Clover” name pun. And yes, there’s a 4-on-the-floor ahead of the diamond-pleated front bench seat. The small block is mildly hopped and there’s A/C to keep things cool inside. Of the three years Chevy 2-door Nomads were in production (1955, ’56 and ’57) 1955 output was highest. There are plenty left to suit every taste. Also, the modifications done to this one are not permanent. A dedicated restorer could undo the gasser treatment and go back to showroom stock. But where’s the fun in that? I dig this Bowtie!


5) Lot #393 1959 Oldsmobile 98 2 Door Coupe

Oldsmobile marketing men advertised the ’59 Olds 98’s thin-section roofline as the Scenicoupe, but a closer look reveals its commonality with the same year Chevrolet Impala “bubble top”. In fact, the basic form was shared with Chevrolet through 1962 and helped launch the cult of the 409. The contrasting red and white hues on this clean example are truly mouth-watering. I’d love to own it. The austerity of its painted steel wheels evokes Oldsmobile’s NASCAR presence of 1959. Driving a race prepped bubble…er, Scenicoupe with a 394 Olds Rocket, “Papa Lee” Petty won the inaugural 1959 Daytona 500. His number 42 Olds crossed the finish line opposite Johnny Beauchamp’s 430-cube Holman and Moody Thunderbird. The race was so close, Beauchamp was initially declared the winner until a review of the filmed race proved otherwise – four days later.



On January 17th, 2015, lightning will strike the same place twice. Carroll Shelby’s personal Cobra will, once again, cross the Barrett-Jackson auction block. The car is defined by its unique combination of ownership history, specification, performance and sheer rarity. Called the Super Snake, CSX3015 boasts two Paxton superchargers feeding a 427 side-oiler big block Ford. The Super Snake is a car worthy of superlatives.  Case in point: Carroll Shelby claimed that his 800HP Super Snake would run from 0-60 in around 3.2 seconds. 47 years later, only a handful of modern supercars can achieve that short acceleration time — and today’s cars achieve the goal with the aid of traction control, fuel injection and other electronic aids. In contrast, the Shelby Cobra Super Snake is all about power to weight ratio. Carroll Shelby loved to ask “What if…” and he insisted on pushing the envelope. The Super Snake, therefore, is so much more than just metal and rubber. It’s a peek into Carroll Shelby’s mind. To him, a twin-supercharged 427 cubic inch V8 made perfect sense.


As his personal car, the Super Snake satisfied Shelby’s inherent need for speed. As a businessman, Carroll Shelby routinely employed “over-the-top” performance to make news. Shelby intentionally set out to build the world’s the fastest Cobra, then enjoy and promoted it. At around 500 horsepower, 427 Cobras were already exciting. An 800 horsepower Super Snake would therefore send the automotive press into a tizzy.  A unique PR opportunity materialized when a second Cobra Super Snake was built for celebrity comedian Bill Cosby. Though the car differed under the skin, Cosby’s Cobra shared the same twin supercharged power train. Bill Cosby only drove his car one time. So terrified by the Super Snake’s angry demeanor, Cosby returned it to Shelby American. He then used the harrowing experience to create a legendary comedy routine called “200 MPH”. Though not intended, the Super Snake’s reputation was further reinforced by the Cosby experience. Ultimately, the second, “Bill Cosby” Super Snake was destroyed when Tony Maxey, its fateful owner, lost control and drove off a cliff. As such, Carroll Shelby’s personal car, CSX3015, is the one and only Cobra Super Snake in existence.


Though the Cobra Super Snake is considered a street legal “SC” car, it did not start out that way. CSX3015 was originally built to full Competition-specs for PR use in Europe. As such it is quite different from its standard, and Semi-Competition brethren. Underneath the skin, Competition Cobras feature reinforced frames and increased track width as well as oversized fuel tanks and heavy-duty brakes. Voluptuous flares cover the massive Halibrand wheels and Goodyear tires. Further exterior mods include front and rear jacking points, a roll bar, oil coolers, and un-baffled side pipes.


Upon its return from Europe, Shelby American modified CSX3015 just enough to make it street legal. The most obvious addition is its windshield. Imagine being Carroll Shelby at that point in time. He must have proclaimed that he wanted to keep CSX3015 for himself. Likewise, there was shop talk about adding two Paxton superchargers to a 427. That notion must have raised some eyebrows—even amongst the seasoned Shelby American staff. Was the idea sheer madness or genius? What modifications would be required to mount the two superchargers? Fabrication would be required for brackets and belt drives. The dual four barrel intake manifold, Holley carburetors and Paxton air inlets added significant height to the engine package. Hood clearance was addressed by way of a custom fabricated, oversized hood scoop.

Lastly, the Shelby American team would need to consider harnessing all of that power. Clutch technology at the time was limited. If an 800HP-capable clutch assembly existed, it would likely not be suitable for street driving. Reliability would be a concern. The decision was made to adapt an automatic transmission and torque converter. Though some scoff at the thought of an automatic in a Cobra, the drivetrain choice contributes to the Super Snake’s low 0-60 second acceleration times. Additional gauges were added to the dash to keep tabs on the monster lurking under the hood.

The sum total of chassis, engine and parts were dubbed the Super Snake. To the outside world, it’s the baddest Cobra of all time, but to Carroll Shelby it was just his car. He drove it for about three months. Stomping on the throttle at will, Shelby used the Super Snake to blow off steam. He competed in a Nevada open road race called the Turismos Visitadores with his buddies. It was during that event that the Super Snake was radar-clocked in excess of 190 mph. The captain of the Nevada Highway Patrol was riding in the passenger seat. In 1970, Carroll Shelby sold the Super Snake to Jimmy Webb, a celebrity songwriter, who drove and maintained the car for 25 years. A select few enthusiasts have had the Super Snake in their care since 1995. Each collector has driven and maintained CSX3015 for what it is: a fire-breathing legend and a tribute to American ingenuity.


Lightning will indeed strike the same place twice. Come to Scottsdale in January and spend some time studying the Super Snake. Tucked away in the Ron Pratte collection since 2007, this is your chance to glance at its many unique details.  Look for original Competition-spec parts such as the Girling brake calipers that just barely peek through the Halibrand wheels. These are the same brake parts used on GT-40’s from that golden era of racing. Study the impossibly large Edelbrock dual quad intake manifold, Holley carbs and complex throttle linkage. A good deal of thought went into engineering that induction system. Externally, the oversized hood scoop distinguishes the Super Snake from any other Cobra. Wherever you look, this baby is special. If the stars are aligned, seize the opportunity to purchase the Super Snake — a one-of-a-kind, fully documented 190 mph Cobra owned by Carroll Shelby, himself.



1950 GM Futurliner

1950 GM Futurliner
  • Barrett-Jackson to auction Ron Pratte’s Futurliner for charity
  • Proceeds to benefit Armed Forces Foundation
  • Incredible piece of automotive history and American culture to go to new owner

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - July 11, 2014 – A 1950 General Motors Futurliner, one of the stars of the Ron Pratte collection, will be sold in January 2015 at Barrett-Jackson, The World’s Greatest Collector Car AuctionsTM,  with 100% of the proceeds benefitting the Armed Forces Foundation. One of 12 built and nine known to still exist, Pratte purchased the Futurliner at Barrett-Jackson.

“Barrett-Jackson was honored to help Ron Pratte add the Futurliner to his collection in 2006,” said Craig Jackson, Chairman and CEO of Barrett-Jackson. “We appreciate his trust in Barrett-Jackson as he offers this incredible piece of Americana to its next owner. History was made as records fell the first time the Futurliner crossed our block, and we expect interest in it to reach a fevered pitch again.”

A veteran who served with the US Army’s 1st Air Cavalry Division in Vietnam during 1968, Pratte will donate all proceeds from the Futurliner to the Armed Forces Foundation. The organization is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to supporting and advocating for active-duty military personnel, National Guardsmen, Reservists, military families and veterans. The AFF covers travel, hotel rooms, home mortgages, car payments and daily expenses for families so they can stay at a loved one’s side during treatment and recovery from wounds suffered in war.

“Military veterans, especially wounded warriors, deserve our appreciation and our support,” said Pratte. “Their continued sacrifices give Americans the freedom to build happy, productive lives. With the help of the great team at Barrett-Jackson, I look forward to raising funds that will make AFF’s mission a success.”

 The two organizations have partnered for the last eight years, AFF has received over four million dollars through Barrett-Jackson auto auctions since 2008.

Kurt Busch, Armed Forces Foundation Ambassador and Patricia Driscoll, President of the Armed Forces Foundation with the Futurliner at Ron Pratte's Museum in Chandler, Ariz.

Kurt Busch, Armed Forces Foundation Ambassador and Patricia Driscoll, President of the Armed Forces Foundation with the Futurliner at Ron Pratte’s Museum in Chandler, Ariz.

“Barrett-Jackson’s charity moments on the auction block with the AFF have become some of the most memorable,” said Steve Davis, President of Barrett-Jackson. “Ron Pratte’s generosity and patriotism is inspirational and I look forward to an outpouring of support for our fellow Americans in uniform.” 

One of 12 built by GM, the Futurliner is a self-contained display and transport vehicle created by the GM design staff under Harley Earl’s direction. It was the centerpiece of the “Parade of Progress” touring exhibit that complemented the GM “Motoramas” from 1940 through 1956.

One of only three survivors restored in their original “Parade of Progress” configuration, this Futurliner underwent a comprehensive re-restoration after Ron Pratte purchased it as a fully restored example in 2006, making it clearly the finest example in existence. It is fully functional and toured Canada in corporate promotions before it became a part of the Ron Pratte collection. It is a symbol of the American auto industry at the height of its power and influence.

Pratte, a Chandler, Arizona, developer and philanthropist, built the majority of his collection at Barrett-Jackson auctions. His collection, featuring cars, trucks, motorcycles and other rarities including the Futurliner, will be on the docket at Barrett-Jackson’s 44th Annual Scottsdale Auction taking place January 10-18, 2015 with television coverage on Velocity and Discovery.

For more information about Barrett-Jackson, visit http://www.barrett-jackson.com or call (480) 421-6694.

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